Adventskonzert des ZDF

Sebastian Weigle Conductor
State Opera Chorus Dresden

Erwartung und Ankunft

Advent bedeutet Ankunft, Sammlung vor dem großen lichtspendenden Ereignis, das die Herzen weitet und zu einer Einkehr in die trauten irdischen Stätten einlädt. Christus, der Heilsbringer, kündigt sich an mit einer Botschaft, der sich keiner entziehen kann: »Und Friede auf Erden«. Die Erwartung der Menschen spiegelt eine Sehnsucht, die sich festlich entzündet und besinnlich zugleich Räume öffnet. Aus der barocken Pracht der Dresdner Frauenkirche überträgt das ZDF auch dieses Jahr wieder sein traditionelles Adventskonzert mit der Staatskapelle Dresden.

Programm und Solisten werden später bekanntgegeben.

Date of broadcast: 2. Dezember 2018 ab 18 Uhr im ZDF
  • 01.12.2018
    18:00 Uhr
    Frauenkirche Dresden

State Opera Chorus Dresden

Had it not been for Carl Maria von Weber, Dresden’s opera chorus would not have been founded, or at least not on October 8, 1817. It was Weber who obtained royal approval for this initiative; after all, it was his artistic mission (and personal ambition) to establish a German opera company alongside the tradition-steeped Italian opera. Besides suggesting other reforms for the staging of opera, he argued that it was now essential to have a regular choir. The choir started to participate in the traditional Palm Sunday concerts as early as 1827. Major landmarks in its history include the performances in 1846, 1847 and 1849 of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony under the later Kapellmeister Richard Wagner, who was forced to flee Dresden shortly after the last-mentioned performance.

Currently comprising 89 singers, the Dresden State Opera Chorus has now become one of Europe’s finest opera choruses and has been acclaimed as such in virtually every premiere review in recent years. This preservation of tradition, coupled with a growing awareness of quality, is indebted to such artists as Joseph Metzner, Wilhelm Fischer, Karl Maria Pembaur, Ernst Hintze, Gerhart Wüstner, Franz Peter Müller-Sybel, Hans-Dieter Pflüger, Matthias Brauer and Pablo Assante, who have led the choir through difficult times to the present day. The Dresden State Opera Chorus is currently directed by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen, who since assuming his post in 2014 has maintained and developed such qualities as tonal coherence, refinement and reliably consistent precision.

The State Opera Chorus of today has to a significant degree been shaped by its collaboration with the conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli, who died far too early and dedicated much time and effort to developing the choir’s artistic potential. Nowadays, the choir frequently demonstrates its qualities in operatic productions and concert performances. Radio, television and CD recordings bear further testimony to the immense prowess on account of which the State Opera Chorus is much sought after in many places besides Dresden: the choir receives invitations to perform at festivals, on tours and in concerts and has since 2013 worked together with the Staatskapelle Dresden at the Salzburg Easter Festival, which has been directed by Christian Thielemann ever since. October 8, 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Dresden State Opera Chorus.