»Kapelle for Kids«

»Kapelle for Kids« is the name of the Staatskapelle Dresden’s programme of events specially dedicated to its youngest audience, namely children aged ten and under. The programme’s founder was Julius Rönnebeck, who is also a horn player with the Staatskapelle. The aim of »Kapelle for Kids« is to arouse children’s interest in classical music by means of a fun and lively series of events. The team behind »Kapelle for Kids« develops a musical and theatrical concept for every concert that always tells an exciting story. Full use is made of all the technical resources of the Semperoper, including scenery, lighting effects, make-up and costumes. Individual members of the Staatskapelle are responsible for the music, while occasionally a larger ensemble of orchestra musicians makes an appearance. The main attraction of »Kapelle for Kids« is, however, the doll Alma (animated and spoken by Magdalene Schaefer), who poses questions from a child’s perspective. Together with host Julius Rönnebeck, Alma thus provides some gentle instruction in the world of classical music.   

The Team of »Kapelle for Kids«
Julius Rönnebeck
Puppe Alma mit Magdalene Schaefer
Johannes Wulff-Woesten
Anja Nicklich
Iris Mundhenke


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