General terms and conditions

1. Validity
1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as »GTC«) govern the legal relations between the Saxon State Theatres (Dresden State Opera and Dresden State Theatre) exclusively for the operating division of Dresden State Opera – hereinafter referred to as »Dresden State Opera« – and its visitors. The General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to have been agreed upon when purchasing an admission ticket, taking out a subscription or entering an event at Dresden State Opera.
1.2 These GTC of Business shall also apply to third-party events on the premises of Dresden State Opera as well as to joint events of Dresden State Opera with other partners.
1.3 Subscription holders are also subject to the terms and conditions of Dresden State Opera subscriptions, which are also set out on the website.
1.4 Additional sales conditions applying to groups of 20 persons or more can also be found on this website..

2. Opening Hours
2.1 The daytime box office is open at the times indicated on this website and elsewhere.
2.2 The venue Semper Zwei and its box office generally open 30 minutes before the scheduled event.

3. Admission Fees
3.1 The seating plans, tickets prices and seating groups for the events of Dresden State Opera vary depending on the type and location of the event. Different prices may apply for selected events (e.g. guest performances, festivals, premieres, non-subscription concerts, special events, particular casts).
3.2 The current admission and subscription prices as well as the admission prices for special offers can be found in the publications of Dresden State Opera.
3.3 Printed programmes and opera glasses as well as other services are not included in the ticket price.
3.4 Disabled persons with a valid proof of disability can purchase tickets at a reduced price depending on ticket availability. If the proof of disability also indicates the need for an accompanying person, a second discounted ticket can be purchased.
3.5 Schoolchildren and students with a valid school/university ID card may purchase remaining tickets at a reduced price from the evening box office of the Dresden State Opera 30 minutes before the scheduled performance. The same applies to volunteers in the Federal Voluntary Service and in the Voluntary Social Year. This offer is dependent on ticket availability, and Dresden State Opera has the right to exempt certain performances from this offer.
3.6 Children and teenagers up to and including 16 years of age can purchase a reduced-price ticket subject to availability. Dresden State Opera has the right to exempt certain performances from this offer.
3.7 In the case of family performances, a family concession for adults can only be claimed if the adult appears at the scheduled performance with the respective child. If this is not the case, the family discount does not apply and the price difference to the standard ticket must be paid.
3.8 All the abovementioned concessions are only granted for performances at Dresden State Opera for tickets priced 12 euros or above and for seating groups 1 to 5. Concessions are considered valid upon presentation of the respective ID card and are non-transferable. Concessions cannot be given after tickets have already been purchased. The required ID must be shown at the entrance; if a valid ID cannot be shown, the concession is withdrawn and the difference to the standard ticket price must be paid.
3.9 Dresden State Opera is not liable for prices demanded by third parties for tickets to Dresden State Opera.
3.10 Due to some architectural features or staging requirements, the view of the stage may be restricted from some seats in the auditorium of Dresden State Opera. This does not entitle visitors to claim a refund or a discount on tickets.

4. Advance booking
4.1 Early bookings are generally taken one season in advance by the Sales and Service Office of Dresden State Opera. We reserve the right to change the season programme, starting times and indicated casts. Dresden State Opera is not liable for information provided by third parties in publications (e.g. press, online media). Dresden State Opera reserves the right to limit the number of tickets sold per person.
4.2 After a booking is received by telephone, post or email, Dresden State Opera shall submit a fixed-term offer in writing or by email in accordance with the respective availability of tickets for the date of the event, the title of the work, the seating group, seat numbers and prices. This offer is deemed accepted upon payment of the tickets. If payment is not made within the fixed-term specified in the offer, Dresden State Opera may freely dispose of the offered tickets and seats elsewhere.
4.3 On request, tickets already paid for will be sent by post as soon as possible at the purchaser’s risk. If there is insufficient time for postal delivery (up to 10 days before the performance), the paid tickets will be deposited at the evening box office under the customer number and order number. Tickets not collected are deemed invalid without any claim for reimbursement of the purchase price.
4.4 Payment by invoice is no longer possible from three weeks before the scheduled performance. In these cases, tickets must be paid in advance by credit card or directly at the daytime box office.

5. Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers can be purchased for events at the Dresden State Opera. Each voucher is valid for three years from the end of the year in which it is issued. Vouchers can be redeemed for events of the Dresden State Opera in accordance with ticket availability. There is no entitlement to specific performances or seats. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, either completely or in part.

6. Internet ticket sales
Online ticket sales are handled by independent service providers according to their terms and conditions. An extra booking fee is levied on every ticket. Concessions for disabled persons, schoolchildren, students and volunteers are not offered on tickets booked online. A subsequent concession cannot be granted.

7. Print@Home / Smartphone Ticket
7.1 By means of the Print@Home system, tickets and gift tokens can be purchased online at and then printed out by the user. Tickets can also be downloaded directly to a smartphone. The visitor receives the Print@Home ticket in electronic form. The Print@Home ticket is only readable and valid when printed on a white DIN A4 sheet of paper. Each Print@Home ticket is only valid for the indicated event. It is prohibited to duplicate or change the Print@Home ticket in digital or printed form. A unique QR-Code guarantees the authenticity of the tickets, which can only be used once. The Print@Home ticket is identified, checked and voided by a Scanner upon entry. The Dresden State Opera is entitled to deny access to holders of a Print@Home ticket whose QR-Code has already been voided.
7.2 The provisions of Section 7.1 and Section 5 apply accordingly to Print@Home gift vouchers.

8. Resale of Tickets
8.1 The commercial resale of tickets to events at Dresden State Opera as well as the offering of such tickets for commercial resale is prohibited without the prior written consent of Dresden State Opera.
8.2 Tour operators and hoteliers offering visits to performances of the Dresden State Opera must contact the Sales and Service Office of the Dresden State Opera before purchasing  tickets.
8.3 It is strictly prohibited for visitors or third parties to offer or sell tickets to Dresden State Opera on the premises or directly in front of Dresden State Opera as well as in front of the daytime box office. Dresden State Opera reserves the right to take legal action against persons who contravene this prohibition.
8.4 For any culpable breach of Sections 8.1,8.2 or 8.3, a contractual penalty shall be payable in the amount of five times the admission fee printed on the ticket. Dresden State Opera reserves the right to claim further damages.

9. Admission to events
9.1 Admission to events of Dresden State Opera is only granted on presentation of a valid original ticket for each visitor. For reduced-price tickets, the relevant ID must be shown. If proof cannot be provided, the difference to the standard ticket price must be paid at the evening box office.
9.2 After an event has begun, late visitors may only be admitted to the auditorium at a time determined by the Opera Management for reasons of safety as well as to ensure that the performers and audience members are not disturbed. The instructions of the admission staff must be followed. Depending on the event, late entry many only be possible during the interval or not at all. This also applies if the beginning of an event has been brought forward in time.
9.3 Each ticket entitles the holder to the event and numbered seat shown on the ticket. Alternative seats may only be taken with the consent or at the instigation of the admission staff. Dresden State Opera is entitled to place visitors in other seats in individual cases.
9.4 For reasons of safety, it is strictly forbidden to sit on steps, ledges or balustrades. Also for safety reasons, it is not permitted to sit on the parapets of circle seating, to lean over these or place objects (e.g. handbags) on them.
9.5 For reasons of safety and in consideration of other visitors, it is not permitted to take prams to a performance at the Dresden State Opera. Further, it is not recommended to take babies and young children up to the age of 6 years to an event as this may disturb the performance.
9.6 In consideration of other visitors and for reasons of hygiene, admission to a performance can only be granted with appropriate, clean and complete sets of clothing (e.g. long trousers) and shoes.
9.7 Specially designated places are available for wheelchair users in the stalls as well as in the 1st and 2nd circles. We would like to point out that access to the 1st and 2nd circles cannot be guaranteed for electronic wheelchairs due to the narrowness of doorways.
For structural reasons, there are no wheelchair spaces in the 3rd and 4th circles.
The designated wheelchair spaces can be requested at the box office when purchasing a ticket. If these are already sold out, no other spaces are available for wheelchair users.
9.8 It is forbidden to take bicycles, animals and the like into Dresden State Opera. Guide dogs are excluded from this rule..

10. Supertitles
Supertitles are a complementary service to which there is no claim. They are not part of the ticket price. If a performance is not accompanied by supertitles or if the supertitles cannot be read or only partially read from some seating areas, there is no entitlement to a ticket refund or concession.

11. Events cancelled during the performance
11.1 If an event has to be interrupted or abandoned during the performance, visitors are only entitled to a refund of the ticket price if the cancellation is made during the first act or, in the case of one-act works, during the first half of the event.
11.2 Refunds can only be claimed within 30 days of the date of the event by returning the original tickets to the Sales and Service Office of Dresden State Opera. The ticket price will be refunded. Other expenses, in particular hotel and travel expenses, are not reimbursed.
11.3 In the event of an early termination of an event due to force majeure (e.g. catastrophes), there is no claim to reimbursement of the ticket price.

12. Ticket returns, changes or cancellation of an event
12.1 Sold tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged by Dresden State Opera. No replacement event will be offer for missed performances.
12.2 Changes in the cast of performers or other changes to the course of the performance do not entitle visitors to a ticket refund.
12.3 If an alternative performance to that named at the time of ticket purchase is given, tickets can be returned and refunded up to the beginning of the performance. Any further claims are excluded, in particular the reimbursement of hotel and travel expenses. Tickets will not be refunded as a result of changes to the programme of symphony and non-subscription concerts or other events, in particular soirées, chamber recitals, evening orchestral recitals, concerts featuring soloists or multi-part ballet evenings.
12.4 If an event is cancelled, the admission price will be refunded if the original tickets are returned to the Sales and Service Office within 30 days of the performance date. Any further claims beyond this are excluded, in particular the reimbursement of hotel and travel expenses. In case of cancellation of the event being cancelled due to force majeure (e.g. catastrophes), there is no claim to reimbursement of the ticket price.
12.5 It is possible to give cards in commission from 3 months up to 2 working days before the respective evnt date. This option will only be offered if there are less than 300 remaining tickets (with the exception of the commission regulations within the scope of the subscription conditions and group conditions). This regulation does not apply to exclusive events, third-party events and guest performances. Tickets can only be accepted on commission if they are in their original form. If tickets have been taken in commission, this cannot be cancelled. The Semperoper Dresden is not obliged to offer these tickets primarily for resale. No guarantee can be given for the resale or refund of the ticket price. The invoicing is generally made after the performance. The commission fee per resold ticket is 10 percent of the ticket price (minimum 6 Euro per ticket).

13. Loss of tickets
13.1 In the event that a ticket is lost, a replacement ticket will be issued at the evening box office if the visitor can provide the designated seat number or otherwise make proof of purchase. Dresden State Opera will impose a handling fee for such replacement tickets.
13.2 If an original ticket and a replacement ticket are presented for the same seat, the holder of the original ticket shall have priority over the holder of the replacement ticket. In this case, the replacement ticket does not entitle the holder to demand an alternative seat. Furthermore, admission staff are not required to check whether the holder of the original ticket has acquired it legally.

14. Cloakroom
14.1 Cloakroom items (coats, jackets, hats, caps, umbrellas, large bags, backpacks and similar bulky items) may not be taken into the auditorium but must be deposited at the cloakroom. Door attendants are entitled to refuse entry to the auditorium to ticket holders who refuse to deposit such items at the cloakroom for safekeeping.
14.2  Upon presentation of the cloakroom token, the service personnel will hand over the deposited items without checking ownership. In the event of loss of the cloakroom token, the deposited item(s) may be collected once the cloakroom staff have returned all other cloakroom items and if it can be credibly explained that the remaining cloakroom items actually belong to the person who lost the corresponding cloakroom ticket. In such cases, proof of receipt is required, for which Dresden State Opera is entitled to note down personal data before handing over the desired item(s).
14.3 The service personnel must be immediately notified of any items wrongly handed out or which are found to be damaged or missing as well as the loss of a cloakroom token. The opera house may impose a charge for the loss of such a token.
14.4 Dresden State Opera assumes liability for loss of or damage to items deposited in the cloakroom only in so far as the admission and service personnel intentionally violate their duty to safeguard these or are grossly negligent in this duty. Liability is limited to the verified current value of the deposited items up to a maximum value of 250 euros per cloakroom token. Excluded from liability are identification cards and documents of all kinds, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables as well as jewellery and electronic devices. This also applies if such objects are stored in pockets, purses/wallets or other containers. Such objects are deposited at the cloakroom at the visitor’s own risk.

15. Lost property
15.1 Items of any kind found on the premises of Dresden State Opera are to be handed over to the admission or service personnel.
15.2 It is recommended that the loss of items on the premises of Dresden State Opera be reported to the admission or service personnel without delay. Lost property will be handed over to the local Lost Property Office after a reasonable period of time.

16. Photos, video and audio recordings
16.1 All audio/video recordings or photography of events by visitors is prohibited for reasons of copyright. Violations of this prohibition will result in claims for damages by Dresden State Opera and participating artists.
16.2 Videos/photographs unrelated to a performance may, however, be taken on the premises of Dresden State Opera for private and non-commercial purposes only.
16.3 In the event that the regulations in Section 16.1 or 16.2 are violated, the staff of Dresden State Opera are entitled to demand that such recorded material be handed over for deletion as well as to request that the visitor leave the event.
16.4 The Dresden State Opera is entitled to record events without prior notice, in particular in the form of photographs, audio or video recordings, and to publish such recordings as well as to photograph events in the auditorium and in the foyers. The visitor agrees to the possible photographing and video recording of his/her person. Technical equipment will be installed in the auditorium before the recording of a performance by the State Opera or by a third party on its behalf. Possible visual impairments are to be expected.

17. Mobile phones, food and drink, smoking ban
17.1 Mobile phones and other electronic communication and information equipment, as well as all types of acoustic signal transmitters, must be completely switched off in the auditorium. In the interest of other visitors and to ensure that performances are undisturbed, Dresden State Opera is entitled to demand the surrender of such equipment or to require visitors to leave the performance if this regulation is violated.
17.2 Food and drink may not be brought into the auditorium.
17.3 Smoking is not permitted on the premises of Dresden State Opera. This also applies to so-called e-cigarettes or similar objects that produce smoke and can thus trigger the fire alarm system.

18. Right to deny access
18.1 The Director and Commercial Managing Director have the right to deny access to Dresden State Opera. During performances this right to deny access is exercised by the admission staff and the house manager. The instructions of the staff of Dresden State Opera must be strictly followed.
18.2 Visitors may be denied access to the premises of Dresden State Opera if there is reason to believe that they may disturb a performance or bother other audience members. Visitors may be asked to leave a performance if they are causing a disturbance, if they are bothering other visitors or have taken a seat for which they do not have a valid ticket. Access may also be denied to visitors who have ignored staff instructions or have violated these Terms and Conditions. This does not entitle visitors to a refund of the admission fee or reimbursement of expenses.

19. Data protection
19.1 Personal data required for ticket orders will be collected, processed, stored and used to the extent necessary for the initiation and execution of the contract, in compliance with data protection law.
19.2 Applicable is the data protection declaration, which can be viewed at

20. Liability
Dresden State Opera as well as its representatives and subcontractors shall only be liable for damages of any kind suffered by a visitor to the premises of Dresden State Opera in the event of intent or gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to claims arising from injury to life, limb or health.

21. Dispute settlement procedure
Saxon State Theatres do not participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer dispute settlement body.

22. Applicable law / place of performance / place of jurisdiction
Contracts and legal relationships which are subject to these GTC shall be governed by German law. Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction for all contracts and legal relationships that are subject to these GTC is Dresden for both parties.

23. Entry into force
These General Terms and Conditions of Business come into force on 01 August 2019 and replace all previous regulations.

Dresden, July 2, 2019
Wolfgang Rothe
Managing Director
Saxon State Theatres - Dresden State Opera and Dresden
State Theatre