Peter Eötvös

As a composer, conductor and educator, Peter Eötvös is one of the most influential musicians of our age. His works are performed around the world by the foremost orchestras and at leading music festivals. In addition to his operas »Senza Sangue«, »Golden Dragon« or »Tri Sestri«, recent important compositions include the orchestral work »Multiversum«, the oratorio »Halleluja – Oratorium balbulum« and the concerto for solo percussion »Speaking Drums«.

After studying in Budapest and Cologne, Peter Eötvös became a member of the Stockhausen Ensemble. He worked in the WDR Studio for Electronic Music and, from 1978 to 1991, directed the Ensemble intercontemporain in Paris. In 1991 he founded the International Eötvös Institute for Young Conductors and Composers in Budapest.

»Dresden was the first German city I got to know. I was one year old when my family arrived here from Hungary in the afternoon of February 13, 1945. Fortunately we survived the bombing of the city later that night. I became familiar with the history of the Staatskapelle through my Cologne professor, Wolfgang von der Nahmer, who was Fritz Busch’s assistant. He taught me about Busch’s life and artistic convictions, and we frequently discussed his wretched expulsion by the Nazis. I am greatly moved and honoured to have been invited by the Staatskapelle as conductor and Capell-Compositeur, and I am looking forward to meeting the musicians as well as Dresden audiences.«