Chamber Music Matinée N° 8

Lukas Stepp Violin
Yuna Toki Violin
Florian Richter Viola
Sebastian Fritsch Cello
Julius Asal Piano
Kammerformation der Dresdner Kapellsolisten
Susanne Branny Violin
Mechthild von Ryssel Violin
Stephan Pätzold Viola
Simon Kalbhenn Cello
Helmut Branny Double Bass
Jobst Schneiderat Harpsichord
Bernhard Kury Flute
Julius Rönnebeck Horn
Christian Dollfuß Bass Clarinet
Andreas Börtitz Bassoon
Volker Hanemann Oboe

Johann Georg Pisendel

  • Violin Concerto B flat major

Paul Hindemith

  • Kleine Kammermusik op. 24 Nr. 2 for five wind instruments

Robert Schumann

  • Piano quintet E-flat major, Opus 44

Chamber Music Matinée N° 8

The Tonkünstlerverein congratulates itself with a summit work. Robert Schumann's Piano Quintet, composed in only five days - Robert's wife Clara played the piano part at the premiere - not only became the model of a genre. For an entire generation of composers, it is also the Romantic chamber music work par excellence: the climax of the chamber music year 1842, which in Schumann's biography followed the song year and the symphonic year. The first movement, with its constant alternation between triumphant surges and subdued passages, is just as immediately romantic as the second, in which, according to Piotr Tchaikovsky, "a whole tragedy" unfolds.

  • Sunday
    11:00 Uhr

Lukas Stepp


Florian Richter

Principal Viola

Florian Richter got his first lessons for violin at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater »Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy« in Leipzig with Professor Klaus Hertel. In 2000 he changed to the viola and one year later he moved at the music high school »Schloss Belvedere« in Weimar in the class of Professor Erich Krüger.

He studied at the »Hochschule für Franz Liszt Weimar« as a multiple Federal Prize winner of »Jugend Musiziert« with Professor Ditter Leser and Professor Erich Krüger and completed his education with the concert exam.


Florian Richter was scholarship holder of Hans und Eugenia Jütting Stiftung, Deutschen Stiftung Musikleben and der Carl Flesch Akademie. As a soloist he played for example under the direction of Johannes Klumpp, Helmuth Rilling, Stefan Solyom, Michael Sanderling und Marek Janowski. He was solo violist at Staatskapelle Weimar 2010 to 2012 and also at Staatsorchester Stuttgart 2012 to 2017.

Until 2017 he was also active at the music high school »Schloss Belvedere« in Weimar for young viola players.

Since October 2017 Florian Richter has been professor for viola at the Hochschule für Musik in Nuremberg and since August 2017 also solo violist of the Staatskapelle Dresden.

Sebastian Fritsch